2017 GMD Workshop Agenda


Recap of Day One
Grants Online - Lessons Learned

Get tips on how to navigate and manage the Grants Online System. A demonstration on common errors when using the system will be showcased along with some shortcuts in system navigation.

Audits - Office of Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General will present on waste, fraud, and abuse.

Audits - Sustaining Federal Dollars

The “A” in Audits, stands for accountability. This session will provide an overview on single audit readiness, efficiency, audit triggers, and questionable and unallowable costs. It will also provide explanations on root causes for OIG investigations, common audit findings, and tips on prevention.

Compliance - Terms/Conditions & Monitoring

Grant recipients must uphold standards of compliance for continued Federal funding. This session will address terms and conditions, monitoring responsibilities, and reporting requirements.

Contracts vs. Grants

The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act set forth the distinction between a contract, grant, and cooperative agreement. This session will provide scenarios for when to use the appropriate funding instrument.

Beginner Session:
This session will address the closeout process, closeout responsibilities, and address property reporting and disposition. 

Seasoned Session:

The session will highlight issues that arise at closeout, address common mistakes in the submission of final reports, provide a broad overview of property forms, and share case studies.

Q & A Session

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