2016 GMD Workshop Agenda


Session Descriptions

Welcome / Grants Management Overview

NOAA’s Grants Management Division’s Director Arlene Simpson Porter provides an overview of the exciting and informative days ahead.

Keynote Address   

You’ll want a front row seat when our keynote speaker takes you on a journey highlighting present day achievements as well as environmental goals and strategic objectives.

Find and Apply 

Come hear National Marine Fisheries Service S-K Program Manager as he provides guidance on how to ensure grant application packages are clear, concise and contain all of the pertinent information and documentation required to receive approval.  He'll walk you through Grants.gov, Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), the differences between competitive and non-competitive awards and budgetary requirements.

Award Review Process 

In this session, Grants Management Specialists will describe NOAA's risk assessment protocol including System for Award Management (SAM), credit reports, audits and how your project narratives and budget justifications are reviewed.

Post Award 

Now that you've been approved for your grant, acronyms will become your best friend. Award Action Requests (AAR) and Special Award Conditions (SAC) will be discussed. More importantly this session will provide you with all the information you need to make sure you maintain compliance with the Department of Commerce Standard Terms and Conditions. Changes of scope, re-budgets, change in principal investigator and others will all be discussed.

Meet and Greet

Still have questions?  No problem.  We have the answers.  The Grants Management Division staff will make themselves available to answer any questions (big or small) that you may have in reference to financial assistance awards and opportunities.

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