NOAA Acquisition Manual

NOAA Acquisition Manual Issuance Memo

NOAA Acquisition Manual User Guidance

NOAA Acquisition Manual Record of Changes

Table of Contents

General Structure and Subparts

NOAA Acquisition Manual Inventory of Policy Alerts

Subchapter A- General

Part 1330-1- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Acquisition Manual

Part 1330-3 Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest

Part 1330-4 Administrative Matters

Part 1330-5 Publicizing Contracting Actions

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Subchapter B- Competition and Acquisition Planning

Part 1330-6 Competition Requirements

Part 1330-7 Acquisition Planning

Part 1330-8 Required Sources of Supplies and Services

Part 1330-9 Contractor Qualifications

Part 1330-10 Market Research

Part 1330-11 Describing Agency Needs

Part 1330-12- Acquisition of Commercial Items

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Subchapter C- Contracting Methods and Contract Types

Part 1330-13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Part 1330-14 Sealed Bidding

Part 1330-15 Contracting by Negotiation

Part 1330-16 Types of Contracts

Part 1330-17 Special Contracting Methods

Part 1330-18 Emergency Acquisitions

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Subchapter D- Socioeconomic Programs

Part 1330-19 Small Business Programs

Part 1330-22 Application fo Labor Laws to Government Acquistions

Part 1330-24 Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information

Subchapter E- General Contracting Requirements

Part 1330-27 Patents, Data, and Copyrights

Part 1330-32 Contract Financing

Part 1330-33 Protests, Disputes, and Appeals

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Subchapter F- Special Categories of Contracting

Part 1330-35 Research and Development Contracting

Part 1330-36 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts

Part 1330-37 Service Contracting

Part 1330-39 Acquisition of Information Technology

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Subchapter G-Contract Management

Part 1330-42 Contract Administration and Audit Services

Part 1330-43 Contract Modifications

Part 1330-45 Government Property

Part 1330-46 Quality Assurance

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Subchapter H- Solicitation and Contract Language and Forms

Part 1330-52 Solicitation and Contract Language and Forms

Subchapter I- Contract Oversight

Part 1330-70 Contract Oversight Program

Part 1330-71 Acquiring Space for Short-Term Use

Subchapter J- AGO Review and Approval Matrix

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