In fiscal year 2012 the Grants Management Division (GMD) of the Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) issued 2,000 financial assistant awards for research and conservation initiatives coordinated by state and local governments, non-profits, and colleges and universities. GMD awarded funds totaling $750 million to over 800 recipient organizations. Approximately 25 % of NOAA’s annual budget was committed to making progress in understanding the link between our global economy and our planet’s environment. GMD was also responsible for completing 1,500 administrative actions.


The Grants Manual is intended to provide a common understanding of the framework for the administration of grants and cooperative agreements within which DOC staff and responsible recipient officials must operate.

  1. DOC Grants and Cooperative Agreements Regulations

There are several grants management policies that are continuously being improved as a result of a government-wide initiative to simplify and streamline the Federal grant-making process. Each final policy notice is available on OMB's website.

  1. OMB Policy Statements