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06/13/2017 Final Dates for AGO FY17 Obligations and Late Acquisition and Grants Requests
05/31/2017 NOAA AGO CLC Course - Government and Contractor Interaction
05/18/2017 Director Retirement Memo
05/17/2017 FY18 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
09/29/2016 FY 17 Year End Cut Off & Late Acquisition Grant Memo
01/15/2015 NCMA Interview with AGO Director
07/03/2012 Conference and Group Travel Policies and Procedure
10/26/2011 Interagency Agreements for Assisted Acquisitions
03/29/2011 All Hands Memo from AGO Director
03/07/2011 Mandatory Use of NOAALink Program and Contracts for IT Services and Products
12/06/2010 New Policy on Federal Funding Opportunity Notices
01/21/2009 All Hands Memo from AGO Director

Financial Assistance
Cutoff Dates
All Financial Assistance Final Plans FRI  02/17/17
All Financial Assistance Actions FRI  07/07/17
All Financial Assistance Obligations and Recordation (Tentative Date*) THU 09/28/17

Acquisition Cutoff Dates FY2017
Simplified and Commercial Acquisition      
≤ $15,000.00
FRI  07/28/17
Simplified and Commercial Acquisition  
>$15,000.00 - $150,000.00
FRI  07/07/17
Order Against Existing Contract
Multiple Award Contract [1] 
≤$10,000,000.00 FRI  03/10/17
>$10,000,000.00 FRI  11/18/16
Order Against Existing Contract
Single Award Contract [2] 
≤$10,000,000.00 FRI  07/07/17
>$10,000,000.00 FRI  03/03/17
Contract >$150,000.00 - $700,000.00 FRI  03/31/17
Contract >$700,000.00 - $1,500,000.00 FRI  02/17/17
Contract >$1,500,000.00 - $10,000,000.00 MON  01/23/17
Contract >$10,000,000.00 TUE  10/18/16
Interagency Acquisitions ≤ $10,000,000.00 (direct or assisted) FRI  06/23/17
Interagency Acquisitions > $10,000,000.00 (direct or assisted) FRI  05/26/17
Deobligation Request for Funds Identified by Finance as FY17 Cancelling Funds
(Submit to CCT[3] only)
THU  08/31/17
Modifications (Administrative/Funding) FRI  07/28/17
FAAPS[4] WED  05/31/17
All Acquisition Obligations and Recordation (Tentative Date*) FRI  09/22/17

Awareness of and adherence to the established Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) for an action is necessary in order to meet the FY2017 cut-off date.  Commerce Acquisition Manual, Section 1307.1 Appendix C should be considered in the context of the cutoff dates. For any action not identified above, consult the Contracting Officer for the appropriate submission timeframe.

[1] Examples of an order against an existing contract (multiple award): Orders against a GSA Schedule, GWAC (NITAAC), 8(a) STARS II, NASA SEWP, or NOAALink Small Business Track Core Contracts (multiple contractors)

[2] Example of an order against an existing contract (single award): Order against NOAALink SMS Track Core Contract (one contractor)

[3] Contract Closeout Team

[4] The FAAPS cut-off date is established for pulling the FAAPs data that will be used to determine the planned workload for the next fiscal year.

*Tentative Dates for final obligation and recordation: The actual dates for Grants, Financial Assistance, Cooperative Agreements, and Purchase Card Transactions are established by the NOAA Finance Office and will be provided once finalized.

September 22, 2017 is the recommend cut-off date for FY17 Purchase Card Transactions.