DOC guidance on grants administration provides the Department with a uniform set of minimum procedures. In order to apply for and satisfy the requirements necessary to receive federal funding, grantees will need to be familiar with various standardized forms. You must download the forms contained in the particular NOAA opportunity posted at, and submit your application through For a more in-depth overview of the process to apply for grant opportunities or to download a complete application package go to .

Financial Assistance Forms

CD-346: Applicant for Funding Assistance (Background Check) – See CD-346: Applicant for Funding Assistance Guidance for additional information.

SF-425: Federal Financial Report (FFR): The FFR, Standard Form (SF) 425 was designed to replace the Financial Status Report (SF269) and the Federal Cash Transactions Report (SF272) with one comprehensive financial reporting form.  Guidance on how to use the SF425 is coming soon to the Federal Financial Reports training link in Grants Online.

Financial Assistance Templates

Referral Memorandum to Ombudsman (Grants)