2016 GMD Workshop Agenda


Session Descriptions

Keynote Address

You’ll want a front row seat when our keynote speaker takes you on a journey highlighting present day achievements as well as environmental goals and strategic objectives.

ASAP Drawdown - Treasury

The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP), is a secure, web-based all electronic payment system designed for Federal Agencies and their recipients. Join our ASAP Specialists as they demonstrate how this system saves money and improves Financial Management. They will demonstrate how ASAP reduces the cost and liability of having funds held outside of the Treasury.


This session will include an in-depth discussion on financial and programmatic reports, equipment disposition as well as the close out process. 


Did you know that the Federal government is subject to audits? We all want to be good stewards of Federal funds. Therefore it is imperative that we know and understand the cost principles and audit requirements associated with financial assistance awards. Join us as we review common audit findings, how to do well during an audit and the uses of the OMB Circular A-133 institution-wide audits..

Contracts vs. Grants

Should it be a Contract or Grant? When applying for Federal funds it's important to know the appropriate funding instrument to use in support of a funded project. We will clarify the varying characteristics between government procurement as opposed to a financial assistance award.

Recipient Contributions

Organizations often add their financial support to federally-sponsored projects. Such support can be voluntary and/or mandated by federal statute or federal program requirements. It can be in the form of cash or non-cash contributions from the recipient or even third parties. We will discuss how these award requirements may be met as well as how such resources are evaluated for acceptance and monitored.

External Clients & Hurricane Sandy

Did you know that NOAA is a leader among Department of Commerce bureaus in grant making and administration? Get a "bird's eye view" of how NOAA works in tandem with other bureaus to provide critical support for the successful management of financial assistance efforts funded under external DOC programs
or one-time only special initiatives..

Grants Management Division Trivia

This fun and interactive session will test your knowledge and comprehension of everything grant related. Raise your hand and see if you have what it takes to win Grants Trivia!

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