2015 GMD Workshop Agenda


Session Descriptions


Welcome to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grants Management Division’s 2015 Financial Assistance Workshop. Be the first to register and come meet our inviting staff of specialists, officers and branch chiefs.


Welcome / Grants Management Overview

NOAA’s Grants Management Division’s Director Arlene Simpson Porter provides an overview of the exciting and informative days ahead.

Keynote Address   

You’ll want a front row seat when NOAA’s Acquisition and Grants Office Director Mitchell J. Ross takes you on a journey from NOAA’s inception in 1970 to present day achievement’s highlighting key figures in NOAA’s leadership as well as environmental goals and strategic objective’s.

2 CFR Part 200   

Join Branch Chiefs Alan Conway and Debbie Chen as they bring you Into The Current regarding the most recent updates to the Code of Federal Regulations. Alan and Debbie will discuss topics such as when the new regulations apply, new standard application requirements, and other specific requirements that you need to be aware of for the current and future fiscal years.

Department of Commerce, Office of Inspector General - Investigations  

Hurry back from lunch, you won’t want to miss Scott McLeod describe how these Special Agents, Investigators, Attorneys and Auditors pursue allegations of fraud and other crimes related to the Department of Commerce, both grantees and employees.

Budget and Grant Proposal Review  
(Located in the Main Plenary Room)  

In this session, Grants Management Specialist Nadia Musa-Bullock will provide guidance on how to ensure that grant application packages are clear, concise and contain all of the pertinent information and documentation required to receive approval.  Federal forms, budget justifications and narratives and project descriptions are all topics for discussion.

Grant Cycle / Pre-Award    
(Located in the Breakout Room)

Come hear National Marine Fisheries Service S-K Program Manager Daniel Namur explain the big picture of a NOAA grant award.  Learn what requirements are needed for your grant applications. Find out how your applications are reviewed, selected and processed by the NOAA staff.


Post Award Activities    
(Located in the Main Plenary Room)

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded.  Program Officers and recipients may both benefit as Grants Management Specialist Andrew Nobleman covers the regulations and correct way to request everything from budget modifications and extensions, to equipment purchases and foreign travel.

This session will guide you through reporting on your Federal funds, how to request post award actions, and how to receive payment.  There will also be a focus on the process to close out a financial assistance award.

One On One 
(Located in the Breakout Room)

Still have questions?  No problem.  We have the answers.  The Grants Management Division staff will make themselves available to answer any questions (big or small) that you may have in reference to financial assistance awards and opportunities.

Contract vs. Grant   

Should it be a Contract or Grant?  When applying for Federal funds it’s important to know the appropriate funding instrument to use in support of a funded project.  In this session we will provide the difference between government procurement as opposed to a financial assistance award.

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