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The Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) provides acquisition services throughout NOAA and the Department of Commerce (DOC). AGO makes thousands of purchases each year for its clients. Purchasing Agents, Field Delegates, Contract Specialists, and Contracting Officers of NOAA are available to assist you with your purchases. Click on the links below to find and contact your servicing office.

  Client Service Matrix starting in FY2019

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The NOAA Executive Acquisition Handbook provides a convenient and condensed source of basic information about the acquisition process. This Handbook also addresses frequently asked questions for some of the common acquisition topics.

NOAA Executive Acquisition Handbook

AGO has executed Interagency Agreements to provide for assisted acquisition services with three Federal Agencies: GSA Federal Acquisition Service, Department of Health and Human Services Strategic Acquisition Service, and the Department of Interior National Business Center. These IAs are now available for use by NOAA’s Line and Staff Offices in the event that an AGO Acquisition Division cannot support a procurement.

Interagency Agreements for Assisted Acquisitions

The Acquisition Gateway is a workspace for acquisition professionals and Federal buyers to connect with resources, tools, and each other to improve acquisition Government-wide. Government-wide Solutions designated Best-in-Class (BIC) Solutions is a contracting and acquisition designation used to denote contracts that meet rigorous category management performance criteria as defined by the OMB.  The BIC designation allows acquisition experts to take advantage of pre-vetted, Government-wide contract solutions; supports a Government-wide migration to solutions that are mature and market-proven; assists in the optimization of spend, within the Government-wide category management framework; and increases the transactional data available for agency level and Government-wide analysis of buying behavior.

Acquisition Gateway BIC Solutions


There are multiple ways to make a purchase. Most purchases will require an electronic document called a Purchase Request that is created in DOC's automated acquisition system, Comprizon Suite (C.Suite). Access to the system is restricted and applicants must request access (using the form found below) to initiate any Purchase Requests.

 C.Suite User Access Request Form

Some smaller purchases can be made with a Government Purchase Card. Please visit the Commerce Bankcard Center site to assist you with your Government Purchase Card.

  Commerce Bankcard Center