FOIA Processing

AGO's Freedom of Information Act Information

Letter Templates

The templates on this page are provided for AGO staff preparing FOIA correspondence. The official NOAA FOIA website can be found at

Files located below are in Rich Text Format which can be read by most word processors

File Description
FOIA Procedures AGO FOIA Processing Procedures
FOIA Referral Check Sheet Print and complete for all requests.
Notification of Receipt  
Fee Notification $20.00 to $250.00 (must agree to pay)
Fee Notification over $250.00 (must pay first)
Submitter (Contractor) Notification  
Withdrawal Letter  
Informal Extension (Use when requester agrees to an extension)
Formal Extension Taking the maximum time allowed by law without requester approval
Documents from Another Agency  
Full Disclosure  
No Documents Located  
Exemption (b)(3) Partial Denial - Exempt for Disclosure by another Statute
Exemption (b)(4) Partial Denial - Commercial / Financial Information
Exemption (b)(5) Total Denial - Pre-decisional, Deliberative Process, Opinions, Recommendations
Exemption (b)(6) Partial Denial - Personal addresses
FOIA Log Template  
FOIA Cut-Off Date