Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS)

New User Instructions

To obtain access to the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), please follow the instructions below or in the PDF Instructions here: 

  1. Go to the eSRS Website at http://www.esrs.gov/.
  2. Select Government, and then click on the “Register” tab.
  3. Select your Agency (Dept of Commerce), then click Continue.
  4. Complete the forms, clicking Continue after you have completed each section.
  5. Once completed, please review the information, and lastly, click “Submit Registration”.  You will receive an e-mail after submitting. Please follow the directions contained in the email.
  6. After confirming your account, you will see an “Account Confirmation Successful” message. You must now wait for approval Once you are approved, you will be sent a second e-mail You may now login to the system by following “Section 1.1, p. 3” of the user manuals. 

Additional Information 

Please eSRS Website for the latest information, User Guides, Quick Tips, Training Events, Sample Reports, etc. 

Listed below are a few links for your reference: 

eSRS Contract Officer Guide

eSRS Contracting Official User Guide

eSRS Government POC User Guide

eSRS Designated Government User Guide

If you have any questions for need additional information, please contact the NOAA eSRS Point of Contact:

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