NOAA Acquisition Manual

Main Table of Contents

General Structure and Subparts

Subchapter C- Contracting Methods and Contract Types

Part 1330-13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures

1330-13.1 Procedures

1330-13.2 Actions at or Below the Micro-Purchase Threshold

1330-13.3 Simplified Acquisition Methods

1330-13.5 Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items

Part 1330-14 Sealed Bidding

1330-14.2 Solicitation of Bids

Part 1330-15 Negotiated Procurement

1330-15.1 Source Selection Process and Techniques

1330-15.2 Solicitation and Receipt of Proposals and Information

1330-15.3 Source Selection

1330-15.4 Contract Pricing

 Part 1330-16 Types of Contracts

1330-16.3 Cost-reimbursement Contracts

1330-16.4 Incentive Contracts

1330-16.5 Indefinite-Delivery Contracts

1330-16.6 Time-and-Materials, Labor-Hour, and Letter Contracts

Part 1330-17 Special Contracting Methods

1330-17.2 Options

1330-17.5 Interagency Acquisitions

Part 1330-18 Emergency Acquisitions

1330-18.2 Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities

1330-18.70 Incident Emergency Management Acquisitions