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NOAA Acquisition Manual Version 5.0 Record of Changes

The following is a record of the changes and updates that have been incorporated into the NOAA Acquisition Manual (NAM) Version 5.0. The record of changes identifies the Acquisition Manual Subpart, the changes made, and the supporting policy, if applicable.

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Subpart Description of Updated/ Change Policy Alert
All Maintenance: Performed an analysis and update to links within the NAM.  
1330-4.804-570 Procedures for Closing Out Contract Files Maintenance. The policy located in 1330-4.804-570(b)(1)-(3) has been updated to match the policy issued under Acquisition Alert (AA) 13-04 Section 5(b)(1)-(3). AA 13-04 issued on May 20, 2013
1330-6.303-2 Procurement Integrity Maintenance. The web links for the CD 492 and the NOAA Procedures for a Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition have been updated after the issuance of Acquisition Instruction (AI) 17-01. Text from AI 17-01 has been added to clarify that this justification applies only to FAR Part 6. A link to the template for the Justification has been incorporated into the policy at 1330-6.303-2(a)(3). AI 17-01 issued on December 1, 2016
1330-7 Acquisition Planning NEW PART ADDED. The new NOAA Acquisition Manual Part, corresponding to FAR Part 7, includes the policy for the preparation of milestone acquisition plans at 1330-7.104; a link to the template at 1330-7.105(b)(21) and additional policy on the requirements for a milestone acquisition plan and waiver. AI 17-02 issued on February 13, 2016
1330-8.405-6 Limited Sources Update to Policy. Inserted a link DOC Procurement Memorandum (PM) 2013-01 and included class deviation on posting requirements when using FedBid Reverse Auction Tool. PM 2013-01

1330-16.601 Time-and-Materials contracts Maintenance. The policy located at 1330-16.601(d)(1)(i), issued under Acquisition Alert 15-05, has been relocated to 1330-16.601(d)(1)(ii) to correctly correspond with the FAR policy. AA 15-05 issued on May 18, 2015
1330-52 NOAA Solicitation and Contract Language

New Policy:  Added the AGO Ombudsman Solicitation and Contract at 1330-52.270-304 in accordance with Acquisition Alert 16-05 and the AGO Solicitation and Contract Language Matrix. 

Maintenance. Corrected the section header in 1330-52.242-70.Corrected various errors in the section index the text.

AA 16-05 issued on August 31, 2016
1330-70.202 Maintenance. Corrected the numbering at 1330-70.202(b)(4)-(5)
1330-70.3 NOAA AGO Ombudsman New Policy. The policy of Acquisition Alert (AA) 16-05, NOAA AGO Ombudsman, has been incorporated into the NAM at 1330-70.3 AA 16-05 issued on August 31, 2016

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