AGO Mission/Vision


To drive acquisition and financial assistance from service delivery to core competency, adding value to mission and fiduciary duty


Provide financial assistance and acquire supplies and services, compliant with public policy, on time, and at the best value.

Guiding Principles:

In everything we do we will be guided by three principles – improved communication, improved cooperation, and an improved workforce.


It is the responsibility of our leaders and managers to provide our people an organization in which they are always able to perform with dignity and respect; with all of the tools and methods necessary to perform exceptionally well; and with the opportunity to regularly perform meaningful work.

Who We Are and What We Do:

The Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) provides acquisition and financial assistance services throughout NOAA.  The AGO Director is the NOAA Senior Bureau Procurement Official (SBPO).   AGO has a blended workforce of civil servants and contracted staff within three Acquisition Divisions, a Grants Management Division, a Policy and Oversight Division, and a Staff Services Management Division.  The  people of AGO are located to provide responsive client service, primarily  in Silver Spring, MD; Norfolk, VA; Kansas City, MO; Boulder, CO; and Seattle, WA.

Goals and Challenges: