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06/13/2017 Final Dates for AGO FY17 Obligations and Late Acquisition and Grants Requests
05/31/2017 NOAA AGO CLC Course - Government and Contractor Interaction
05/18/2017 Director Retirement Memo
12/28/2016 FY18 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
09/29/2016 FY 17 Year End Cut Off & Late Acquisition Grant Memo
06/03/2016 FY16 Late Acquisition and Grants Request Memorandum
12/16/2015 FY17 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
07/28/2015 Updated GMD Budget Narrative Guidance is Now Available
05/26/2015 FY15 Late Acquisition and Grants Request Memorandum
01/15/2015 NCMA Interview with AGO Director
12/08/2014 FY16 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
06/03/2014 FY14 Late Acquisition and Grants Request Memorandum
11/21/2013 FY15 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
07/29/2013 AGO Personnel Changes for Systems and HPCC
07/08/2013 AGO Personnel Changes
05/30/2013 FY13 Late Acquisition and Grants Requests
02/01/2013 FY14 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
07/06/2012 AGO FY13 Acquisition Planning Extension Memo
07/03/2012 Conference and Group Travel Policies and Procedure
06/28/2012 New Deputy Director
06/25/2012 All hands Acquisition Stand Down
05/30/2012 FY13 Acquisition Planning Memo
05/30/2012 Fiscal Year 2012 Late Acquisition and Grant Requests
02/24/2012 New Phone System Memo
10/26/2011 Interagency Agreements for Assisted Acquisitions
10/07/2011 Congratulations and Thank You from the Director
07/20/2011 FY11 Late Contract and Grant Action Procedures
06/16/2011 New DOC Policy Issued on Use of FSSI Blanket Purchase Agreements for Office Supplies
03/29/2011 All Hands Memo from AGO Director
03/18/2011 "Myth-Busting": Addressing Misconceptions to Improve Communication with Industry During the Acquisition Process
03/07/2011 Mandatory Use of NOAALink Program and Contracts for IT Services and Products
12/06/2010 New Policy on Federal Funding Opportunity Notices
01/21/2009 All Hands Memo from AGO Director