CPARS Requirements for Evaluation

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CPARS is a web-enabled application that collects and manages the library of automated CPARs. CPARS is for UNCLASSIFIED use only. Classified information is not to be entered into this system. A CPAR assesses a contractor's performance and provides a record, both positive and negative, on a given contractor during a specific period of time. Each assessment is based on objective facts and supported by program and contract management data, such as cost performance reports, customer comments, quality reviews, technical interchange meetings, financial solvency assessments, construction/production management reviews, contractor operations reviews, functional performance evaluations, and earned contract incentives. CPARS Brochure

For NOAA the requirement for evaluations will apply to:

1.3 Applicability

This policy is applicable to all existing and future DOC contracts, task orders, and delivery orders above the simplified acquisition threshold as defined in FAR Subpart 2.101, including construction contracts for $550,000 or more and architect/engineering services contracts in excess of $30,000. For all applicable contracts/orders with an end date between July 1, 2009 and December 28, 2009, final performance reporting requirements as defined in Section 3.1.2 are retroactively required. This policy is not applicable to contracts/orders awarded under FAR Subpart 8.7.


42.1502 Policy.

(a) Past performance evaluations shall be prepared as specified in paragraphs (b) through (g) of this section at the time the work under the contract or order is completed. In addition, interim evaluations shall be prepared as specified by the agencies to provide current information for source selection purposes, for contracts or orders with a period of performance, including options, exceeding one year. These evaluations are generally for the entity, division, or unit that performed the contract or order. The content of the evaluations should be tailored to the size, content, and complexity of the contractual requirements.

(b) Except as provided in paragraphs (e), (f) and (h) of this section, agencies shall prepare an evaluation of contractor performance for each contract that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold.

(c) Agencies shall prepare an evaluation of contractor performance for each order that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold placed against a Federal Supply Schedule contract, or under a task order contract or a delivery order contract awarded by another agency (i.e. Government wide acquisition contract or multi-agency contract). This evaluation shall not consider the requirements under paragraph (g) of this section.

(d) For single-agency task order and delivery order contracts, the contracting officer may require performance evaluations for each order in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold when such evaluations would produce more useful past performance information for source selection officials than that contained in the overall contract evaluation (e.g., when the scope of the basic contract is very broad and the nature of individual orders could be significantly different). This evaluation need not consider the requirements under paragraph (g) of this section unless the contracting officer deems it appropriate.

For additional information please visit the Office of Acquisition Management, Commerce Acquisition Performance, Policy & Support; Commerce Acquisition Manual (CAM) at the following site: